Snappa for Teams

Collaborating on designs has never been easier.

Share designs & folders

Sharing designs with your team is incredibly easy. Just save your design to a team folder and your entire team will be able to view it, edit it or download it. No more going back and forth with file attachments!

Snappa Designs and Folders

Share Visual Assets

Have a company logo or other images that your team needs to use? Just select the team option when uploading visual assets and your entire team will have access to them.

Snappa Visual Assets

Upload Team Fonts

Sharing fonts with your team is seamless. Just import them into Snappa and your team can start using them right away.

Snappa Team Fonts

Set Team Colors

Keep your branding intact by setting your team colors. Imagine never having to send a hex code to your team ever again!

Snappa Team Colors

Manage Team Members

Add and remove team members with the click of a button. You can also give administrative privileges to multiple team members for easier account management.

Snappa Team Members

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